Pisces possess a unique ability to appreciate beauty in all forms, making them easy (but equally difficult) to shop for. Their zodiac sign is symbolized by a fish, so they’re naturally drawn to colors of the sea such as aqua, navy blue, and indigo. Being a water sign (with enough love to fill an ocean), Pisces are true romantics through and through. Any gift they receive will be cherished forever. Expect to get more than a cursory thank you or hug in return for your gift, Pisces do it up big: they’re known to write thank-you notes (like the kind you get in the mail).

Five Art Friday – Pisces Edition

Our team of curators have selected five of our favorite artworks this week for your friday.

1. Headstand by 83oranges

Headstand by 83oranges - Pisces Edition


2. Ocean Aerial Waves by seventreesdesign
Ocean Aerial - Pisces Edition

3. Civilization by irina-petrova
Civilization - Piesces edition

4. Star by by dhika-anjani

5. Fantastic Fish Tank by fernando-vieira

Arti is a community of artists from around the globe that all love their craft and want to spread their art with the world. From Art Prints to Phone Cases, each purchase supports an artist and allows them to focus on the thing they do best – creating art! Arti’s goals are more than just putting beautiful art on your walls. We strive to be a pillar of creativity and love, and hope, through art, we can give back and build a better world.

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