Five Art Friday : Flower artworks for your Home Office

Five Art Friday : Flower artworks for your Home Office

Flower artworks for your Home Office

Who doesn’t blush when given the gift of a handpicked bouquet? Giving flowers is a universal gesture — it transcends cultures, societies and ages. They enrich our lives with their variety of colours, shapes and scents, thereby appealing to all our senses. And whatever the occasion, they’re the perfect gift to show your mum just how much she means to you. Explore the origins, meanings, and symbolism of five mythical flowers and find the one best suited to the wonderful woman who brought you into this world.

Our team of curators have selected five of our favorite flowers artworks this week for your friday.

1.                  Nature Rubber Leaves Teal Peach by dominiquevari

2.              Tropical Desire Foliage Geometry by dominiquevari

3.              Hummingbird Flower I – 40 x 60 (no matte) – Gold Stainless By OraraStudio

4.              Flower Minimal Black and Gold 02 by amini54

5.              Looking For Attention by ghinandthomic

Five art Friday : Flower artworks for your Home Office

“As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour life.” John Lubbock

Flower artworks for your Home Office

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