There is a lot of beauty to landscape art! Artist and people have always found inspiration in the vastness of nature. The power of these artists is to depict a subject that is very grand (mountain ranges, seascapes, skyscapes) in a relatively confined space. Something about being able to visualize yourself standing in front of a grand landscape is very inspiring yet humbling. The right landscape art can add another dimension to a room – almost like another window to a special place.

Landscape art was revered long before the invention of the camera – just imagine the skill it must take to paint such works live and without reference.  Below is just one example of early landscape art (dated 1600’s) by dutch artist Jacob van Ruisdael. Infact, the word Landscape itself comes from the Dutch word Landschap.

View of Haarlem with Bleaching Fields (1675) – Jacob van Ruisdael Here are 7 of our favorite landscape art picks on Arti (in no particular order) and why we love them. There are so many more amazing landscape works by Artists on Arti. After checking this blog out, feel free to head over to

1. Balloon ride over the alps 3 by NurMut. Ironically our first picture here is a landscape in a portrait scale. We love how the mountains wind and actually create so much depth to the landscape.

2. Wanderlust by Majchila. Even if those weren’t mountain lines, the colors chosen are just perfect!

3. At the Sea by Raisa Zwart. Who doesn’t love the ocean and a flock of free birds?

4. The Last Rays of Sun by Quiuque.  That sky and magical and the composition of the birds just make this shot too good to be true.

5. Construction by Andreas Lundskog. This almost looks painted! We love the interaction of the water surface and the poles.

6. WW 03 by Wendy Wibisono. The sheer amount of effort and detail that went into this, captures so much nostalgia and memories.

7. Marble Landscape 01 by Amini54. The mountains are marble textured and its pink, what more can we say!

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